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    frequently asked questions

    for installers

    For installers, VirtualPools has an application for the iPad Pro that pool salespeople take to prospective customers. In the yard, they can use the iPad to place and configure pools in real time together with the customer. In addition, there are numerous useful features such as the measuring system.

    Also, VirtualPools has an online dashboard, this contains a catalog where you can choose between different manufacturers and their products. In addition, you get to see interesting data and can manage your account and invoices on here.

    Feel free to ask your questions using the form above.

    On the ‘installers‘ page you will find three different formulas, this is a yearly license cost.

    If you do not already own an iPad Pro, you will need to purchase one (or more).

    Any more questions concerning the price can be sent through the form above.

    VirtualPools’ application is currently made exclusively for the iPad Pro. It may be expanded to other devices in the future.

    The online dashboard is available on any device with an Internet browser.

    Other questions about hardware can be submitted in the form above.

    If you manufacture and sell your own pools and don’t work with external manufacturers, we can create a customized package for you. This way, you will be both the manufacturer and installer, but you won’t be listed in our catalog.

    You will receive more information about a personalized package by filling out the form above.

    for brands

    For brands, VirtualPools has an online dashboard where they can manage their pools and products. In addition, they get access to interesting statistics and user data.

    At VirtualPools, we virtually rebuild brands’ products so that installers can use them during their sales.

    For more information, please contact us using the form.

    On the ‘brands‘ page, you can find a starting price. If you like to have your products in 3D, they need to be developed first. Afterwards, a license fee will apply.

    Do not hesitate to ask your questions about the pricing via the form.

    The online dashboard is available on any device with an Internet browser, but is ideally used on desktop.

    Contact our team for more information.

    At the moment, VirtualPools is limited to swimming pools, swim ponds and hot tubs. In the future, we plan to expand into other product categories with this technology.

    Follow us on social media to be notified of future updates.

    This is a choice you can make as a brand.
    You can choose in the catalog to set your products public or private.
    With private, only users with permission get to see the products.

    For more information about the specifics, please contact our team via the form.

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