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Privacy Policy

Your personal data and privacy are hugely important to Soulmade. This policy is not just a legal shield to put us in line with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (further: GDPR), or still, the General Data Protection Regulation. [1]

No, this text writes our data story. It tells what personal data we process and how we treat and protect it with care.

So with this policy, we want to make you fully aware of our data policy. So you can then also make a thoughtful and informed choice about whether to use our services. We therefore assume that when you use our services, you consent to the manner of processing and our policies.

Oh, one more thing. We have done our best to keep this policy as concise and clear as possible. After all, we believe that obligations don't have to be boring.

[1] Regulation of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

1. Who processes the data?

Soulmade BV

BE 0662.523.460

Ijzerenpoortkaai 3

2000 Antwerp



+32 4 84 69 63 42

2. Who helps us.

The GDPR also designates us as data controllers. This means, in short, that we decide what data is collected, how and by what means it will be collected, as well as why we do it all.

Processors, a telling GDPR term. Who helps us, under our responsibility, process your personal data? Rest assured, all of our processors have personally or generally agreed to the GDPR, and thus, our policies. Here's a brief overview.

Odoo, Chargebee and Mollie are under the hood of our website as well as our platform.

Kinsta inc

Budapest, Science Park A building, Irinyi József u. 4-20, 1117



In addition to all these processors, we use some plugins that sometimes process data as well. Rest assured, as with our processors, we only use plugins that are explicitly GDPR compliant.

A summary: Google Analytics

We also store a backup of our VirtualPools users on an Amazon web server.



R.C.S. Luxembourg: B186284

3. What data are we actually collecting?

‍The "categories of data" is a heavy GDPR term for what "types of data" we need. A small overview:


Email address


Phone number

Location data

IP address



Email address

Company name

Company address

VAT number

Device identifiers

History of use

License information

4.  Why do we collect this data?

We don't do this for no reason, of course. The idea is that by collecting your data we can offer you an optimal experience on our website. But what does that mean to you?

We make sure the experience on our website is as safe as possible. That's why we use the data to monitor our website so that everything runs smoothly. This is also how we try to avoid fraud and other bad intentions.

We also like to keep you informed about our products and services. That's why we send you an email very occasionally. Sometimes a promotion, sometimes just a news item. Some people also know this as direct marketing, but don't worry! The emails always contain a link to remove yourself from our database.

Google Analytics collects data for us so we can get our own insights into the audience visiting our website. Statistical data collection, it's called. IP address, which pages were visited, a geographical location of the visitor and the time of visit are processed.

For the application, we need your data to verify that you are the person using the software. After all, we wouldn't want someone to use your license without your knowledge. Therefore, we also store the Device Identifier of your iPad Pro to check how many devices are using the license. When you unregister a device, this data is automatically deleted.

We also use your company information for billing and accounting purposes.

5. What can you do? What are your rights?

5.1    Right of access

Your data will of course remain yours. You can therefore ask us at any time to inspect the data we have collected from you and how, why and for how long we have processed it. All this in the broadest sense. You will know exactly how we review your data and what happens to it. Send your request for access to info@virtualpools.io and we will send you everything we have within 1 month of the request.

5.2    Right to correct and delete personal data

You can always have your data corrected or deleted. This may be necessary, for example, when you move or create a new e-mail address. WEBSITE: If you want your data to be deleted or changed you can send this request to info@virtualpools.io . Some data unfortunately cannot be deleted just like that. We are talking about data that we have to keep based on a legal obligation (e.g. accounting) or on a contract (e.g. we still have to deliver your package). Any other request will be granted without unreasonable delay.

5.3   Right to restrict or object to data processing.

If you have submitted a request for erasure, we check the data for accuracy, the data has been processed unlawfully, or the data is necessary for a legal claim, you may request a restriction of processing. Address this request to info@virtualpools.io and we will restrict processing within a month.Do you not want us to process your data? Then object via info@virtualpools.io and then we will stop processing your data as soon as possible (within 1 month of the request). Exceptions to this are again the data we have to keep based on a legal obligation (e.g. accounting) or based on an agreement (e.g. we still have to deliver your package).

5.4    Right to data portability

You have the right to obtain the data you have provided to us in a structured, common and machine-readable form. This allows you to transfer the data to another data controller.

5.5    Right to withdraw consent.

Your consent may be revoked at any time. Naturally, this only affects the data that we have obtained on the basis of your consent. The data that we obtain or have to maintain on the basis of a legal obligation (e.g. accounting) or on the basis of a contract (e.g. we still have to deliver your package) are thus excluded.

6.    Complaints

Complaints about how we process your data should be reported to the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy


7. VirtualPools iOS application

Our application, VirtualPools, can also be found in the Apple Appstore. With the appropriate login credentials, one can log into the application. Only the company and contact information provided will be maintained. The above rules also apply to the application.

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